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Ayubowan from Sri Devi Retreat

Our small luxury resort, with 7 villas, specialises in accommodating guests looking to improve their health and general well-being. After a Sri Lankan style welcome our ayurvedic doctor performs a general assessment of each guest. This assessment is the basis for your weekly program consisting of yoga sessions, ayurvedic treatments, massages and a vegetarian diet according to your dosha.

Nothing to disturb you but a soft breeze or the sound of nature.

All those wanting to get away from their hectic daily life can come enjoy our spacious villas, swimming pool and rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments in combination with yoga sessions for all levels. The retreat is under European management but offers an authentic Sri Lankan experience.

For the guests who prefer a less rigorous daily regimen, we offer also relaxation and enjoyment pure : just some massages, great food according to your preferences and a whole lot of doing nothing!